2012. július 27., péntek


Newest mail: 17 July, 2012 

Thanks to Szandra for this postcard. Not only because Wendlingen is located in Baden-Württemberg, which is one of my favourite parts in Germany but because however busy she was there, she could find some time to get a postcard and send it to me. Interestingly, Wendlingen is twinned with Dorog in Hungary, which is next to Esztergom, where Szandra lives. Another intriguing thing about this postcard is that it was first sent to Budapest (following the zip code and totally ignoring the destination town), postmarked there and then sent forward to Pilisvörösvár upon realizing that it was in the wrong place. :)
I wish Szandra all the best for the summer and the forthcoming year. May your dreams come true sooner than you have them. Thank you for the postcard once again especially the lion or cat or whatever felid it is...

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