2011. július 31., vasárnap


Newest mail: 3 July, 2011

The letter was sent from Dreux, France on 3rd June, 2010 as it is clearly legible on the cancellation. Interestingly there is not only a stamp on the envelope (showing Jean Moulin) but a self-adhesive. Probably the postal fee wasn't enough... but it also shows the particulars of the posting.

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  1. In France we have self-service automated machines that have a scale on which we put the letter, the screen shows the amount it costs, we insert the coins and the machine gives us a self-adhesive sticker with the price on it. That's the usual procedure.
    Whenever we have stamps, we use those, but I don't think many people do that anymore. There aren't many pretty stamps for international posting, so we usually buy the ones for France and then we can add the rest of the money either with 1-5-10 cent generic stamps or we can go to the post office and the staff can send you a self-adhesive for the amount that is lacking. That's what your sender did. :)